Zyra Ahmetaj



English translation by Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj


Autore: Zyra Ahmetaj




English translation by Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj



Botimi i parë: 2023


ISBN: 978-9928-398-83-3


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Shtëpia botuese “ADA”

Adresa: Rruga Mihal Grameno Pall. 2 Ap. 7

Cel.: 068 22 190 16

Tiranë, dhjetor 2023


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Ahmetaj, Zyra

Echoes of the albanian soul : poetry /

Zyra Ahmetaj ; transl.by Ukë Zenel Buçpapaj.

– Tiranë : Ada, 2023.

136 f. ; 20 cm

Tit. origj.: Jehona e shpirtit shqiptar.

ISBN: 978-9928-398-83-3

1.Letërsia shqipe 2.Poezia

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Dear Reader,


In the verses that follow, the poetic voice of Zyra Ahmetaj invites you on an intimate journey through the heart and soul of Albania. “Echoes of the Albanian Soul” is a testament to Ahmetaj’s profound connection with her homeland, weaving tales of its vibrant landscapes, intricate history, and enduring culture. Through her words, you are granted a passage to traverse the rich tapestry of Albania’s identity.

Albania, cradled in the heart of the Balkans, is a mosaic of captivating contrasts. Its wild mountains, untouched coastlines, and verdant forests are but a backdrop to a history that pulsates with vibrancy. In Ahmetaj’s verses, you’ll navigate these terrains, from the majestic Albanian Alps to the gentle lullabies of the Adriatic and Ionian shores, and delve into stories rooted in the Illyrian and Pelasgian epochs.

Ahmetaj’s collection is more than a celebration of Albania’s heritage; it is a contemplation, a reflection on a nation’s identity shaped by heroics and heartaches alike. From the valor of Skanderbeg against the mighty Ottoman Empire to the steadfast resistance reverberated through generations, these poems are a tribute to Albania’s undying spirit.

Beyond the historical canvas, Ahmetaj captures the ethereal allure of Albania’s natural realm. With each line, she paints vivid portraits of the land, from the murmurs of ancient forests to the passionate cries of wild rivers. In her words, the land and its tales intertwine, offering a harmonious symphony for the soul.

Yet, the journey doesn’t end with nature or history. Zyra Ahmetaj champions the Albanian language, a linguistic treasure with antiquated roots. It stands as a beacon of national identity, a testament to a culture that, despite challenges, has never been silenced. Through her poetry, the resilience of the Albanian language and its tales of heritage shine brilliantly.

But Ahmetaj’s narrative also transcends borders, touching on universal motifs of love, time, and existence. These themes, so integral to the human experience, serve as a reminder that beneath layers of history and culture, we all share threads of emotion and understanding.

As you immerse yourself in this collection, you’re not merely reading poems; you’re stepping into the world of Zyra Ahmetaj. A world where Albanian landscapes come alive with poetic grace, where tales of old resonate with contemporary relevance, and where the reader is welcomed with open arms to partake in shared dreams and memories.

“Echoes of the Albanian Soul” is more than a poetic compilation. It’s a call to adventure, an exploration into the heart of Albania and its people. In Zyra Ahmetaj’s verses, you might just find echoes of your own soul, reflecting shared themes of identity, nature, and heritage that connect us all in the vast expanse of human existence.

May Zyra Ahmetaj’s words resonate with your experiences, and may they kindle in you a profound admiration for the splendours of Albania. In this journey, you’re not just discovering the echoes of the Albanian soul, but perhaps, rediscovering the echoes of your own.




Prof. Dr. Ukë ZENEL Buçpapaj